Key Features

CodeUltimate ZIP Compression Library

Ease to create, manipulate ZIP, TAR, GZ, TGZ archives on the fly

Browse the content of previously created archives 

High performance and memory optimization

CodeUltimate FTP/SSL Library

Add secure file transfer ability to .Net web, desktop, and console application.

Ease to transfer files between Windows and Unix

Great set of features to manage every FTP functionality 


CodeUltimate SFTP File Transfer Library

More potent and secure file transfer for .Net applications, 

Upload, download,  create and check files/directories with minimal lines of code

Great set of features to manage every SFTP functionality

CodeUltimate PDF Library

High-Performance PDF library to create, load, modify PDF files with few lines of code

Ease to convert Image, Text, HTML to PDF

Rich Feature and control to cover all PDF functionality needs

CodeUltimate Word Library

Gives you the power to create, load, modify word files in your .Net applications very easily

Ability to convert HTML, Text to Word file

Rich Feature and control to cover all Word functionality needs

CodeUltimate Excel Library

Highly reliable Excel component to create, load, modify excel files right in your .Net applications

Support many Excel versions Themes 

Ease to import/export data from DataTable and Dataview, and vice versa

CodeUltimate SAML Library

OASIS SAMLv1.0 and v2.0gives you the power to add SAML Single Sign-In and Single Sign-Out right in your ASP.NET, MVC, Services and Desktop applications

Support both IDP and SP

Support Salesforce, Google Apps,  Shibboleth Office 365 and ADFS 

Resources and Support

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