CodeUltimate Word component is a high performance and fast way to create, load, verify and modify Word documents in Desktop and mobile applications. Ease to load, create word file from Database with few lines of codes. No need to install word on your computer. Highly Reliable, effective and Fast.

CodeUltimate Word Key Features

Document Functions

  • Ease to Create, Load, Modify word files
  • Support to load an existing document file
  • When replace preserve text formatting
  • Support to move and copy document elements between different documents
  • Ease to join multiple documents
  • Support to merge multiple documents
  • Ease to Create, update, get and modify hyperlinks and bookmarks
  • Support to write word document in stream, file, memory, and database
  • Ease to get, load, remove and modify header and footer
  • Table of content removal and modification is supported
  • Support to include HTML text
  • Ease to find word, tags, and phrase
  • Ease to use custom watermarks
  • Formulas Supported
  • Support document revisions
  • Ability to replace the content with other content or text with another text
  • Ease to create New word document
  • Support to Load existing files  for Editing
  • Easily available access to documents
  • Ease to Replace and Find Text in document
  • Ease to Create, update, get and modify table rows, cells
  • Easily modify, create, load paragraphs and text in a document
  • Ease to open a word document in a client browser
  • Header and footer modification
  • Support to customize header and footer according to your need
  • Convert HTML to Word
  • Filter specific word, phrase, and tag
  • Regular Expression supported
  • Ability to update, load fields
  • Ability to get, load, modify form fields, IF and formulas
  • Structured Document tags
  • Ease to Replace document content source 

Formatting Properties & Functions

  • Support many types of formatting: Character formatting, Table formatting, and etc
  • Ease to format font size, font color, font name, bold, italic, underline, etc.
  • Support paragraph formatting: alignment, indentation, line-spacing, before and after spacing, and etc 
  • Predefined Table and paragraph styles
  • Ease to format document for printing
  • Ease to create New word document
  • Ability to handle Table formatting such as borders, text wrapping, shading, alignment  
  • Ease to manage section properties such as paper size, margin, next page, even page and etc
  • Ease to use numbering and levels
  • Ability to modify, load, update paragraph, and formatting styles

Settings & Properties

  • Easily set, get, modify an existing document properties
  • Support Password protected documents
  • Encrypt/decrypt documents
  • Change, modify and load custom properties of the document
  • Ease to change, get, load new document properties
  •  Ability to protect document using a password protection
  • Ease to manage custom properties
  • Full control on the type of document setting changes

Bookmarks Settings & Properties

  • Provide bookmarks in a document
  • Ease to load, get, modify the document bookmarks
  • Support bookmark range
  • Provide replacement of text between bookmark range with other text
  • Ability to merge new or existing document in bookmark range
  • Ease to create New word document
  • Bookmarks navigations Available
  • Ability to replace the content of the document in bookmark range with content
  • Support to add, modify, load specific bookmarks
  • Support specific bookmark deletion

Mail Merge Functions

  • Ease to get, create and merge fields
  • Provide Mail merge on a specified region
  • Support to handle parent-child data
  • Support to apply a different set of formattings during mail merge using events
  • Provide different data sources such as DataTable, DataReader, DataSet, DataView, collection, string, and string array
  • Ease to change, get, load new document properties
  •  Support relational data reports
  • Ability to insert images in the mail merge
  • Complex merge fields are supported
  • Support both dynamic and business type of objects
  • Ability to get, Load mail merge field names