Secure SFTP Library for .NET Desktop and Mobile Apps

CodeUltimate SFTP is fast, reliable, and feature-rich .NET class library that adds the powerful SSH Secure File Transfer (SFTP) capabilities to the your.Net desktop, mobile and web applications. It is a lightweight, fast and highly optimized library. CodeUltimate SFTP gives you the ability to create, upload, download, delete, and check files and directories with minimal lines of code. The client library is purely written in C# and provide 100% managed and optimized code for.Net applications. It provides full support for Xamarin, IOS, MAC and.Net CF applications. You can find easily a number of C# SFTP clients to get started quickly and to test it with the server we have SFTP server component CodeUltimate SFTP Server.

CodeUltimate SFTP Key Features

  • Ease to create, delete, update, append, move/rename files
  • Ability to parse listings automatically
  • Support multiple threads to transfer files simultaneously
  • Support many RFC complaints: 1123, 959, 2228, 1579, 3659, 2246, 4217,4346, 5246 and 5746 
  • Highly optimized for security
  • Support Different modes of authentications
  • Ease to control bandwidth
  • Provide secure authentication such as keyboard-interactive, public/private key or X509 certificate authentication 
  • Ability to set file permissions on the fly
  • Provide maximum transfer speed by optimizing default component and socket settings
  • Provide Filezilla like transfer queue 
  • Ability to generate and load public/private keys
  • All standard-complaints SFTP server including CodeUltimate SFTP & SSH server is supported
  • Support MultiFile operation such as download, delete, upload and move.
  • Support both 1-way and 2-way directories and files synchronization
  • Highly reliable and optimized. 
  • Provide a rich set of security features
  • Ability to minimized memory footprint by optimizing performance
  • Provide Password-based authentication
  • East to the auto-detect time difference between server and client
  • 100% optimized, managed code and purely written in C#
  • Provide unified API: FTP and SFTP both are same
  • Support for Full .NET and .NET Core Framework
  • Provide full documentation of the library to work with ease and quickly
  • Support Cross-platform: Xamarin, IOS, Android, MAC, Mono, and .NET CF