CodeUltimate SAML  is a 100%-managed, highly reliable .NET class library to Add Single Sign-On and Single Log-Out SAML to your .NET (ASP.NET, MVC, VB.NET, ASP.NET CORE, DESKTOP, And Services) application. It provides OASIS SAML v1.x and v2 specification .NET toolkit for ASP.NET, MVC, and CORE. Provides SSO access to cloud and intranet websites using Single (Username and Password) credentials.

We have a very responsive and supportive team to help customers to easily interoperable with Salesforce, Office 365, Google Apps, Shibboleth, and ADFS to their systems. Our great team provides you the effortless services to easily guide through the whole process of SSO connectivity to your .NET application even you are not familiar with SAML SSO. 

CodeUltimate SAML Key Features

  • Very lightweight SAML component for ASP.NET application
  • Ease to encrypt/decrypt, sets, gets SAML attributes
  • Full support available for ASP.NET Core
  • Thousand of satisfied Clients and Customers
  • Full support for ASP.NET MVC (Model, View, Controller) and ASPX
  • Ease to open, create, modify, and verify protocol messages
  • Support to open, create, verify SAML assertions
  • Detailed SAML API Documentation
  • Identity Provider initiated SSO Supported
  • Fully Supported library for .NET Core and Standard
  • Fully loaded ASP.NET, C# code snippets to Quick Start
  • Support for OWIN Identity integration
  • Both SAML1 and SAML2 are supported
  • Cross-domain SAML is supported
  • Single Sign-On and Single Logout Supported
  • Fully Supported documentation integrated to Visual Studio
  • 100% managed and reliable code
  • Ease to serialize SAML assertions
  • All SAML 2.0 bindings are supported: HTTP Artifact,  SOAP, POAS, SAML URL, HTTP Redirect and HTTP POST
  • Complete Product documentation available
  • Service provider initiated SSO Supported
  • Support for SAML metadata creation and consumption
  • Support different types of development environments:VS  2005 (.NET 2.0) to 2019 (.NET 4.8.x), Delphi 8, and C# Builder