CodeUltimate PDF Viewer is a very powerful component to add controlled and customizable PDF viewer into your .NET WINFORM applications. It allows using PDF controls without the use of external dependencies and tools. It helps to view the document very fast and quickly. It provides Navigation toolbar and menu controls to open files at a glance. It provides on-demand loading to improve the performance of PDF viewer and helps to load large files quickly.

CodeUltimate PDF Viewer Key Features

  • Easy to use customizable forms
  • Load files at a glance
  • 100% managed code and Support for native WINFORMS  
  • Provide Pan and Zoom mode
  • Support Annotations
  • Support Bookmarks
  • Provide Navigation and Menu Controls
  • Provide highlighting and Search functionalities 
  • Customize look and feel of a document
  • Provide on-demand loading to improve performance
  • Support for .NET Full Framework
  • Support multiview to load multiple documents
  • Provide Print, Preview, and Page Setup
  • Display PDF file from stream and byte array
  • Provide efficiency and reliability
  • Support to track pages and displays positions
  • Support Forward and Backward options