CodeUltimate Encryption component helps you to secure your sensitive data and information with a few lines of code. You can easily encrypt/decrypt your files and streams. It easily provides strong encryption to existing and new applications. It supports AES, XTS-AES, TWOFISH, 3DES, CBC mode, HMAC, Password-based, PBKDF2 key derivation, and Hash-based algorithms.

CodeUltimate Encryption Key Features

  • Support strong Encryption/Decryption techniques
  • Support Hash Algorithms (SHA-1, SHA256, SHA384, MD2, and etc)
  • Provide HMAC with Hash algorithms
  • Support CBC mode in Different Encryptions (AES, XTS-AES, 3DES, and TwoFish)
  • Provide RC2, ARC4 Symmetric Encryption
  • Support different Schemes of Encoding (Base64, Hex, URL-Encoding, Base-32, ModeBase64)
  • Support ArcFour Symmetric Encryption
  • Support to generate Secure Random data
  • Support Password-Based key derivations: PBKDF1, PBKDF2
  • Support Diffie Hellman Algorithm
  • Provide strong Encryption/Decryption of Files and Streams
  • Provide strong Legacy MD4 and MD5 Hash algorithms
  • Easily Encrypt/Decrypt Strings and Byte Data
  • Support for Symmetric Cyphers (Twofish, Blowfish, AES)
  • Support for RSA, DSA public-key cryptography
  • Support Public-key encryption using digital certificates 
  • Provide Password-based Encryption/Decryption
  • Easily Encode Base64 strings
  • Support for .NET and, .NET Core Full Framework
  • Easily available support for Xamarin, MAC, IOS, Android, and .NET CF