CodeUltimate E-mail validator provides you the capability to easily add strong, powerful, comprehensive and compelling mail address validation before sending mail to someone. It helps you to manage bulk e-mail addresses from different sources such as List, Datatable, File, Streams, DataSet, and CSV using threads (Single or multiple). Provide support for Synchronous and Asynchronous Application Designs.

CodeUltimate Email Validator's Key Features

  • Provide Industry Standard checking to validate E-mails 
  • Ease to manage bulk E-mail address validation using a single line of code
  • Very Stable and Managed code library
  • Ease to manage bulk E-mail address validation using a single line of code
  • Support MultiThreading Validation
  • Easily manage multilingual using LocalizationSettings Property
  • Support to manage Fake E-mail addresses
  • Support Different levels of checking
  • Support to verify mail addresses in CSV, File, Datatables, and List
  • Full Support of Synchronous and Asynchronous application designs
  • Support to manage User interface events for Synchronous requests
  • Support for .NET, and.Net Core Full Framework
  • Support Syntax check to Querying E-mail Accounts validation
  • Support Different Kind of Syntax Checking: MxRecord lockup, RFC821 syntax
  • Provide High-Performance Internal Cache
  • Support to easily Retrieve mail exchange servers with an E-mail
  • Provide mail server blocking detection
  • 100% Secure and Managed Code-Base
  • Support Auto Detect DNS Checking
  • Support Maximum Validation Processes
  • Support to manage Log messages (Easily write a customizable log message to files and streams)
  • No need to require knowledge of SMTP and DNS protocols.
  • Easily Configurable Classes to manage SMTP and DNS Connections
  • Easily integrate into Xamarin, MAC, IOS, Mono and .NET CF