Easy To Use Bounced Email Extractor For.Net And Cross-Platform

CodeUltimate Bounce Filter helps you to quickly categorize and part away bounce email address from a bounced mail. Highly reliable and effective bounce mail extractor library which enables bounce mail filtering in yours.Net applications with few lines of codes. CodeUltimate Bounce Filter can load bounce messages from many sources such as files, streams, local files, POP3 and IMAP mailboxes. It helps to scan Outlook messages and help to update a list of email addresses quickly, create email reports, etc by inspection result.

CodeUltimate Bounce Filter Key Features

  • Help to parse Bounce Email Addresses from Bounce Mails.
  • Ease to categorize bounce e-mail messages from Files and Streams
  • Ease to use different kinds of bounce Formats
  • Fully included POP3 Features
  • Support to include Custom bounce definition and signatures
  • Ease to delete hard bounce messages
  • Include many types of mail message features
  • Support task-based, event-based and  blocking application designs
  • 100% managed and clean code
  • Ease to create reports and email messages list using inspection result
  • Included High-Performance MIME Parser component
  • Support Android, Mono, MAC, IOS, Dot Net CF and Standard
  • Support Different Kinds of Email Protocols
  • Support to parse and filter bounce mail addresses from IMAP And POP3
  • Support All IMAP protocol  Features
  • Help to identify bounce messages using Outlook MSG File Format
  • All SMTP Features available
  • Support All types of bounce messages: Soft, Hard, Temporary, Generic, Blocked, etc 
  • Support both Synchronous and Asynchronous tasks
  • Highly reliable and effective library
  • Support regular updates for the Bounce Signature Database
  • Support error handling with native.Net Exceptions
  • Support for Full.Net Framework and Cross-platform