About Us and Our Mission

CodeUltimate is a brand of ATP Corp. Its mission is to provide the extensible, high-quality, and easy-to-use .NET libraries for professionals. The libraries help create applications quickly and significantly reduce their development time and cost.

We started as a group of highly enthusiastic developers that focus on .NET, .NET Core, and cross-platform solutions for Mail, Document Formats, File Transfer, Office tools, SAML-Single Sign-On, Compression component development. We have a very specialized team developing or creating .NET tools and libraries for Windows and Cross-Platform developers and providing custom software development and consulting services.

Our Products are gained popularity not only among programmers or developers, but also managers who love the unique yet powerful tools.

Our products line quickly expanded significantly and covered the complete sets of Mail toolkits, Documents Formats tools, HTML to PDF, PDF, Excel, FTP, SFTP, SAML, Netkit, and Word. It is further expanded. We also have unique sets of different libraries and components in the shape of Suits.

We have four types of Suits available for you. Enterprise Toolkit includes seven high-quality .NET components, and it is one of the most used libraries on the market. Document Toolkit has a complete set of Office components and most loved library among developers or managers. File Transfer Toolkit has a unique set of File transfer libraries, and the last toolkit is Mail toolkit which you can use to manage Mails and their operations.

Our product servers thousands of customers worldwide, including many industry leaders such as Boeing, Microsoft, and eBay.

Thanks to years of .NET component development experience, CodeUltimate .NET components were born with the highly efficient and flexible design perfectly combined with a clean and elegant implementation from day one. With its extremely easy to use API, it offers any .NET developer ability to work with API's in .NET with ease. Products quickly gained attention among many developers seeking not only easy to use but also powerful and affordable .NET based solution.

At CodeUltimate we are committed to expand and improve our existing products continually and to offer other exciting new products in the future.

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